Senior Citizen’s Wellness Checks

Regular thorough health checks are vital for the early detection of disease in older pets.  


Pets age much more quickly than we do, remember 1 human year is roughly equivalent to 7 pet years.


Therefore by the time your pet reaches 7 years old it is well and truly on the way to being a senior citizen!

Large breed dogs age fastest; cats and small dogs age more slowly. 
Prevention or early detection of problems or conditions due to aging will make it easier for you to help your pet lead a happier, healthier life as it approaches its twilight years.
We have developed our Senior Citizen Wellness Check programme to ensure your pet is taken care of in the best and most appropriate manner for their age.
Screening tests allow us to detect many diseases before the signs are physically obvious.
This may include blood tests to screen for diabetes, kidney or liver disease and x-rays to check for any early signs of arthritis or heart problems
If your pet is over seven years of age we recommend that you give us a call to arrange a visit so we can perform a complete physical and arrange any further tests or treatment that may be appropriate for your pet.