Excellent Surgical Care For Your Pet

Our vet clinic has a sterile operating suite and separate preparation area to enable excellent care of your pet. We have a range of modern anaesthetic monitoring equipment and the normal array of surgical equipment found in any general veterinary practice.
All of our surgical instruments and equipment such as drapes, swabs etc. are fully steam sterilised in a modern autoclave.  Our practice has a fully operational anaesthetic machine that delivers isoflurane anaesthetic/oxygen gas combination.  All pet patients undergoing general anaesthetic are intubated with an endotracheal tube ensuring the safest possible procedures are in place.
 Village Vets dedicated surgical facility
  If your pet needs to stay at our clinic for surgery or any another procedure, you will be kept informed of progress during the day.  Some surgical procedures are relatively simple, others are more complicated – this will be discussed with you.
With all surgery, your pet will be admitted in the morning and may have pre-medication or sedation at or on admission.  We are aware that you may be anxious about your pet’s wellbeing so you can either call us or we can make a time to contact you directly. 
Most pets will only be day patients and can be collected at evening consultation time after their surgery. One of our staff will discuss their condition with you including any post-op care or treatments needed. We will often give printed material or other information to help you to best care for them.
Types of pet surgery offered include:
De-sexing (neutering)
Mass (lump) removals
Wound repairs
Soft tissue surgery eg. anal glands removal
 Orthopaedic procedures such as fracture repair and some hip and stifle (knee) surgeries
Abdominal surgery
Limb amputation
Eyelid and eye surgery (non-specialist)
In more complex cases, we may need to do a referral to a specialist but most of our routine surgery is done in-house.