Annual Wellness Checks

A regular annual health check is definitely recommended. Pets age considerably faster than humans and therefore the annual check is a useful tool for gauging the wellbeing of your pet.  
Village Vets has  developed an Annual Wellness Check for your pet which covers a range of check points. This is especially important in the young and older patients. A full health check will be performed and any concerns you may have re your pet’s behaviour or health discussed. 
Often we can get some useful clues from you the owner – is your pet's toileting habits changed, is it drinking more, eating less. Has it become reluctant to go for walks or chase balls?
Often in the course of taking a good history we can determine the early stages of disease and then implement a treatment programme to improve the quality of life of your pet – they cannot tell us what’s wrong after all.
Normally the annual health check will be completed at your pet’s annual vaccination visit.  This includes a complete physical and provides an opportunity to discover any potential problems at an early stage, and to discuss fully any of your concerns relating to your pet.